Ireland. Leitrim Organic farmers’ Co-op. Necessity breeds ingenuity.

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The Leitrim organic farmers co-op does a rare thing in Ireland: it brings livestock farmers together as a group. It gets good prices for members, help farmers learn and work together for mutual benefit, all the while producing certified organic meat without agri-industrial inputs.

They manage to do this in one of the most marginalised parts of Ireland, the so-called BMW – boarder, midlands west – region. This is Ireland’s region with the poorest land, harshest climate and least economic investment. And this makes the agroecological story of one of Ireland’s only farmer cooperatives all the more inspiring.

The Common Agricultural Policy shapes how Europe produces food, but in many ways its no longer fit for purpose. In this video, Arc2020 and Friends of the Earth Europe spotlight some options and opportunities in the CAP for choosing farming methods which are good for people and the planet – the living world.

Arc2020 is a platform of 160+ organisations working for better food, farming environment and rural policies for Europe. .

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