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Students Get Hands-On Education In Urban Farming in Northern Colorado

If you or your child are a student in the northern Colorado area, and sustainable farming is your interest, then check out the article below.

The University of Northern Colorado has experimented with an urban farming class that goes out to an urban greenhouse twice per week.

This project is not funded indefinitely however, so if you have an interest in this be sure to contact the administrators of the school to get involved as soon as possible.

Read more about what the students are doing below:

By TYLER SILVY – Associated Press – Saturday, July 18, 2015

The urban farming class goes out to the WiseAcres greenhouse on O Street twice per week. There’s also 4,000 square feet of planting space on UNC’s campus. Students plant and transplant, and they ensure their plants are growing well. It’s hard work, even if it isn’t “farming” in the traditional sense.

“It’s fundamentally about building organic farming skills,” said Kevin Cody, UNC professor. “We’re operating at a scale that’s obviously well beyond even a sort of backyard farmer, but not nearly at an industrial scale.”


Cody said one of the short-term goals for the urban farming class is to make the resources work for them. When the tomatoes and peppers are ready, Cody said the class hopes to hit up some farmers markets.


The urban farming class is sort of a pilot program — guaranteed for only this year.


“It’s based on future funding,” Cody said. “In the fall, once things start to wind down, the next phase will be looking for outside funding through grant applications. The university seems eager to support the work that we’re doing.”

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