Integrated Farm Project in Tigaon, Philippines

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Have a look to our newly established vegetable and calamansi farm in Tigaon, Camarines Sur. For many years we made little agricultural experiments as a sideline hobby. In August 2008 we started our pilot farm in barangay Caracayon.

As of December 2009 there are about 3,5 hectars calamansi (Lemmon) trees and 1 hectar of different vegetables planted. 3 hectars are still idle while 8 hectars are rainfed palay (Rice) paddies.

Our target is to establish in the coming years a completely integrated farm with animals, farm shop, dryer, food processing facillities, research unit etc. In our opinion this is the best way for small farmers to stay competitive in the globalized world.

We are practising a combination of organic and conventional farming. Target is to harvest when prices are high. This is a very complicated venture during rainy season but so far we where able to solve most of the common problems like fungus, stagnant water, bacterial wilt, taiphoon damages etc.

If you like to visit the farm or if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

or have a look to our project – homepage

Update: By September 2010 we are planning a new video because in the meantime there have been many new features at the farm.

Best regards from Tigaon, Jochen Binikowski

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