In the Vineyard – Organic Weed Control

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fbt-banner-728x901 – Organic farming techniques are being employed more and more in vineyards throughout the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations.

In this video, Paul Sloan of Small Vines Wines and Viticulture explains the process of organic weed control in the vineyards and why it is beneficial for the resulting wines.

Sloan imported special Caval Tractors from France that would fit between the narrow rows which characterize the Small Vines approach to vineyard management, and for pinot noir and chardonnay vineyards in particular.

A system used extensively in the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions of France, Sloan and Small Vines utilizes the narrow spacing of vines (4′ by 3′) that he feels produces pinot noir and chardonnay grapes with excellent balance, acidity and character.

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