How to Start Organic Farming Business(Cultivation of Mushroom,Production of Biofertilizers)

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How to Start Organic Farming Business (Cultivation of Mushroom, Crop, Cotton, Wheat, Sugarcane, Production of Biofertilizers, Agriculture Waste, Dairy & Poultry Farming, etc.)

India is an agro based country. So organic farming plays an important role in agro field. The popularity of organic farming is gradually increasing and now organic agriculture is practiced in almost all countries of the world, and its share of agricultural land and farms is growing. As the organic food market continues to expand, so do the opportunities for small farmers.
Organic farming has emerged as the only answer to bring sustainability to agriculture and environment. This handbook is a comprehensive guide to growing, certifying, and marketing organic produce. Organic farming is not only a philosophy, but also a well-researched science that combines soil fertility, plant pathology and other biological and environmental sciences.

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