How to shift from conventional farming to an organic farming system?

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Can your soil recover from all the toxic chemicals that you put on it over the years?
Dr Elaine Ingham, professor of soil microbiology, has been trying to reach all growers around the world to understand their soil through her free online video series: “Getting to Know Your Soil”
In this video, Elaine meets a grower who is in the process of changing their farm over to using less chemicals. They have been using conventional farming methods for over a decade and now that they understand the soil, they understand that they don’t need to add inorganic materials to their soil but how do they do this?
There is a big problem. They don’t have the luxury of time to stop the production of their farm to make the change. It would need about 21 days to get rid of the toxic materials that they have been putting on their soil for last 20 years.
To find out more watch it here:

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