How To Save Seeds: Part One. Film #11 with Morag Gamble: Our Permaculture Life

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How To Save Seeds: Part One by Morag Gamble: Our Permaculture Life.

In her permaculture garden, Morag shows us how she collects Spring brassica seeds and her daughter Maia demonstrates how to make origami seed packets to store and share them.

– Use non-hybrid seeds so you can save from year to year.
– Allow vegetables to go to seed for abundance (one lettuce = 10,000 seeds!)
– Encourage self-seeding vegetables to flourish and adapt to your garden.
– Let your garden soil be your seed bank too.
– Collect and exchange seeds.

This film follows the mustard spinach from flowering to seed collection.
– Brassica vegetable flowers are edible.
– Brassica flower stalks are edible.
– Brassica seedpods are edible.
– Brassica seeds are edible – mustard spinach seeds can be used to make seeded mustard.Brassica vegetable flowers are edible
– Brassica flower stalks are edible
– Brassica eedpods are edible

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