Group aims to bring local, organic food to students

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parents are often telling their children to eat their veggies. but too often — kids don’t get a chance to eat fresh organic food at school. an albuquerque urban farm is trying to chan that. misa maruyama is here to explain how. misa? many people know the rio grande community farm for it’s maize maze. but on 50 acres of city land, the non-profit is alos trying to launch a food revolution at albuquerque schools. it’s very gratifying to see school-aged kids eat fresh string beans that are sweet as sugar. forget fries and funyuns. minor morgan says albuquerque’s school kids deserve the very best … and he’s trying to bring it to them. he’s the executive director of an urban farm called the rio grande community farm on montano – east of the bosque. he’s bidding for an a-p-s contract to bring these organic tomatoes and cucumbers to school lunches. the albuquerque public schools central kitchen is literally 9 minutes from the field. so we harvest the food in the morning. goes into our refrigerated cooler and it goes into goes into the kitchen. and it’s on the lunch table by noon of the same day. morgan has been working with a-p-s for the last few years — on a small scale. aps is the largest food consumer in the state. over a million children served every year in the state. right now we’re providing 1/10th of 1/100th of 1/1000th of a percent. but he hopes an innovative underground irrigation system will help him ramp up production. right now, the amount of food that we grow, we take it in on our boxes. to the left of me and to the right of me are big old tractor trailers full of food. our goal is to have one of those tractor trailers that’s grown here, and deliver that food to aps. morgan says going organic wouldn’t cost the school district anything … because state lawmakers set aside a pot of money a few years for projects that promote locally grown food like this. the bidding process with a-p-s is ongoing.

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