Go Organic Rice: The Carmen Samahang Nayon Coop Experience

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This video was produced by ATI-RTC 7

The Carmen Samahang Nayon Multipurpose Cooperative (CSNMPC) is known in Bohol as the group which revolutionized the production and processing of organic rice.

CSNMPC started as a multipurpose cooperative with only a few members until they became a member of the Bohol Organic Farmers Alliance (BOFA).

Knowing that there was no established market for organic rice in the province the CSNMPC accepted the challenge to go into processing and marketing of organic rice.

As consolidator for organic rice produce, the CSNMPC established a milling exclusive for organic rice only. The CSNMPC follows and implements the Internal Guarantee System (IGS) established by the group after undergoing training courses on IGS.

To date, the CSNMPC now has 2100 members and is producing 600-700 sacks of organic rice.
The CSNMPC believe that providing an alternative market to farmers gave them the enthusiasm to produce more.

Likewise, the establishment of BIGS as an affirmation that even without the more expensive third-party organic certification system the organically-grown rice produce in Bohol is certainly certified, and the active participation of both government and non-government actors to support farmers are the reasons why the CSNMPC and the organically-grown rice producers in Bohol succeed.

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