G8/P5: Irrigation types for GS3 & Fertilizers, Organic Farming

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Language: Hindi, Topics Covered:
1. Factors of agricultures: irrigation
2. Irrigation level in the country
3. Types of irrigation in the country
4. Canal irrigation
5. Tank irrigation
6. Tube well irrigation
7. Canal irrigation
8. Problems of canals
9. Under-usage of canal water
10. Reason for under-usage of canal water
11. Command area development prog
12. Tank irrigation
13. Tanks in south India and its decline
14. Tube well and Ecological problem involved
15. Status of various irrigation technique
16. Sustainable irrigation technique
17. New schemes by govt. for irrigation development
18. Factors of agricultures: nutrition
19. Source of Soil-nutrition
20. NPK: imbalance
21. Soil health card scheme
22. Problems of chemical fertilizers
23. Organic farming:
24. Paramparagat Krishi sinchai yojana
25. Green manure
26. Vermin-compost
27. Benefits of vermi-compost

Powerpoint available at http://Mrunal.org/download
Exam-Utility: UPSC CSAT, Prelims, Mains, CDS, CAPF
Faculty Name: Ms. Rajtanil Solanki
Venue: Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India

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