Fracking Companies Selling Their Waste Water to Farmers for Our Crops

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In the midst of the troublesome California drought, innovation sprouts up, invention being the mother of necessity. But just like the aftermath of the BP oil spill, how often are people allowed to actually embark on saving the day, versus the insulting “solutions” foisted on the world by the very corporations responsible for part of the problem?

It should not then be surprising that companies like Chevron are extending their magnanimous offer of “crop water” in the form of fracking waste chemicals – for a price, of course.

If one didn’t know any better, it almost appears that we are systematically being undercut and sickened to death (she said sarcastically). After all, we already use our own baked sewage sludge to fertilize non-organic crops. And no, the treatment does not stop heavy metals, hundreds of chemicals, drug residues and stomach virus that reside on or within the plants. That’s why the name “biosolids” was picked for the practice.

Care2 reports that Big Oil has farmers over a barrel, so to speak. To the tune of of 21 million gallons of waste water per day — sold to Kern County for farming for per acre-foot, and potentially damaging the end product – our food. Untreated, untested. They are getting rich, while normally they’d be required to pay for disposal.

Fracking Companies Selling Their Waste Water to Farmers for Our Crops

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