Formation of Organic Farming Club and making Organic Produce at School – SSR16-027

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In this project we tried to promote organic farming among students. We had succeeded in creating awareness among them about the benefits of organic farming so that they will be able to benefit from it commercially. We were able to develop an interest among them .As a result of that they took the responsibility of taking care of our seeds as we couldn’t go over there daily.
Towards the first step of our project we went to the Agricultural office to collect seeds and more information about the organic farming techniques. From there they gave us the list of organic manures. We took some of them for helping us to fill the grow bags and showed them how to sprinkle water over the seeds in the tray. When it started to sprout we replanted them on grow bag. On a daily basis, the students watered the plants out of their interest and when we had free time after our class we also went over there.

The Student Social Responsibility Project in Amrita University as part of curriculum for the students make the students identify the social problems and their contribution to the society. It makes the students aware of their role in the society and the problems faced by the common people in India.

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