Final Video Tour, Building Organic Free Range Chicken Farm in Guatemala for Poor Family

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Day 10, the final day of construction of this Organic, Free Range Chicken Farm built in Guatemala, for a poor family of four.

Michael Pinson provides a full detailed tour of the 1700 square foot project built. A charity project to provide sustainable food and income for a single family suffering from extreme poverty.

This is Organic Free Range Chicken Farm for this poor family in Guatemala. They had no electricity and no running water in their home when we started this project. We built 80 egg laying nests for hens that will produce an average of 3,200 eggs per month, with an additional 42 breeding bests that will produce 320 new chicks per month once in full peek production.

The farm was stocked with two adult roosters and 40 adult hens. 25 hens where put into breeding production on day one which will produce 160 to 200 new chicks per month, and 15 hens where put into egg production that will produce 312 fresh eggs per month on day one.

As the farm breeding expands, so will the food and income produced. Full production is 150-170 egg laying hens and 40-42 breeding hens. Two egg laying hens rotate in one nest. As we need one nest per breeding hen because we need the hen to sit on her 8 to 11 eggs each month for 21 days to hatch them.

In this farming model of starting with 25 hens for breeding, there will be about 160 new birds per month. Half of those birds are put into egg production until there are 150 to 170 laying hens in production. About 5-10 additional birds are kept and added to breeding until there are 40-42 hens in breeding production. The balance of new birds each month is food or sold for income.

Once there are 28 breeding hens, the farm must install a third rooster.

Under this farming model, the farm will be in peak production in six to seven months, producing an average of 3,200 fresh eggs, plus an additional 320 new birds per month.

Products Sold for Income:

Free Range Eggs
Free Range Live Adult Chickens
Free Range Live Chicks (Current Market Price is .10 retail / {videoDescription}.65 wholesale price for a 1 day old chick)

Meat Production
Chicken Manure Mixed with Wood Shavings

This farming model also provides sustainable food for the family. The chicken manure is sold, or even used for the family organic garden.

We empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity. We link communities and help bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products, such as eggs, milk, cheese, and meat, that can be traded or sold at market.

We help provide support to existing trade schools and organizations in villages, while we also purchase products from small family businesses for re-sale in the United States. The profits from these sales helps subsidize our organization to provide additional support to those same villages.

Our business and trade educational programs and models help provide additional sustainable income to families which can be used to reduce malnutrition, while providing education and better healthcare to children.

Founded by businessman Michael Pinson.

“Farming for Prosperity” is a project of the Pinson Foundation, Inc., State of Florida DOC #N06000004774, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization registered with the IRS EIN #20-4798342 . The Pinson Foundation, Inc. is registered as doing business as “Farming for Prosperity”, State of Florida registration # G15000096852

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