Emerald Planet – The European Way: Potential, Reality, and Promise of Organic Farming

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Studio Guests:

Hans Kordik, Counselor for Agriculture/Environmnet, Embassy of Austria

Dr. Thomas Schmidt, Minister Counselor, Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Attila Toth, First Secretary for Agriculture, Embassy of Hungary


This program features the extensive information about the “best practices” that have been developed in organic farming practices across the 27 nations of the European Union. Three very different European countries, i.e., Austria; Germany; and Hungary in terms of population base, scale of agricultural production, costs of living, and emphasis upon expanding sustainable agricultural and environmental development will be covered. Three different Embassy officials will be representing their respective nations through this global television program.

Hans Kordik, Counselor for Agriculture/Environment, Embassy of Austria states that expectations of Austrian consumers and existing climatic and topographical conditions which limit chances for diversifying agriculture – 70% of the countryside is covered by mountains – Austria´s agricultural policy has been successful by promoting environmental-friendly methods of farming. After fifteen years as a member of the European Union, Austria is considered to be the front-runner among other European Union member states in terms of highest share of participation (94 % of the farmland is managed by 90% of Austrian farmers) within agri-environmental programs. Farmers receive compensation for their services to the environment, such as forgoing yield-intensifying techniques like using chemical fertilizers, chemical-synthetic plant protection products, or growth promoters.

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