Dried Garbanzo Beans Organic 35 Lbs Dry Garbonzo Bean Seeds

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Product Description
Dry Certified Organic Garbanzo beans for use in cooking, roasting, sprouting, planting in a garden, food storage, & more. Garbonzo Sprouts have a nutty flavor suitable for marinating or as additions to salads or loaves. Three-fourths of a cup of chick peas makes about one quart of sprouts. They will be ready to harvest and eat in 3 to 5 days. Delicious choice for Sprouting. Filling, Healthy & Delicious.

– 35 Lb Nitrogen Packed Bucket of Dried Garbanzo Beans / Seeds
– Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds
– Nitrogen Packed – BPA Free
– Long Shelf Life – High Germination Rate
– Handy Pantry Brand

Click This Link http://goo.gl/VImqa7 For More Info About Dried Garbanzo Beans Organic 35 Lbs Dry Garbonzo Bean Seeds

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