Doomsday Preppers Organic 100% Heirloom Vegetable Fruit, Herbs, Seeds, 62 Varieties

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Product Description
62 Varieties. 1. Rutgers TOMATO (1,000 SEEDS) 2. Blue Lake Snap Bean great flavor (200 ) 3. Dark Red Kidney Bean (200 seeds) 4. Butter crunch Lettuce (44,000+ seeds) 5. GREEN Broccoli (1,150seeds) 6. CABBAGE ALL SEASON (1,100 seeds) 7. SCARLET NANTES CARROT very tasty (26,000 seeds) 8. Corn (truckers favorite) (150 seeds) 9. CANTALOUPE HALES BEST JUMBO (250 seeds) 10. Market more Cucumber (500 seeds) 11. Ashley Cucumber tasty (500 seeds) 12. Eggplant black beauty (150 ) 13. Cherry Belle Radish (550 seeds)salad favorite 14. Spinach Bloomsdale (550+plus seeds) 15. California Wonder Bell Pepper (150+plus seeds) 16. Jalapeno Pepper (150) 17 Watermelon (75seeds) 18. Yellow Crookneck Squash (85 seeds) 19. Zucchini Black Beauty (75 seeds) 20. Long Red Cayenne Pepper (150 seeds) 21. ONION (100seeds) 22. Dark Red Beet (150+plus seeds) Great Taste 23. Henderson Lima Beans (150+plus seeds) 24. Sunflower Seeds (2050+plus seeds) 25. BEEFSTEAK TOMATO (1000 seeds) 26. TURNIP SEVEN TOP TURNIP GREENS (36500 seeds) 27. COLLARDS GEORGIA SOUTHERN COLLARD GREENS (36500 seeds) 28. CELERY (23,000 SEEDS) 29. PUMPKIN (50 SEEDS) 30. BRUSSELS SPROUTS (100 seeds) 31. COWPEAS (50 seeds) Black eyed peas 32. GREEN PEAS (30 SEEDS) 33. CILANTRO (50 seeds) 34. ANISE 50 seeds 35. BASIL 50 seeds 36. CATNIP 50 seeds 37. CHAMOMILE .45gm 38. CHIVES .7gm 39. ECHINACEA 20 seeds 40. FENUGREEK 30 seeds 41. OREGANO .5gm 42. SAGE 50 seeds 43. WHEAT Spring Wheat (100 seeds) 44. CAULIFLOWER (100 seeds) snowball 45. OKRA (40 SEEDS) Clemson Spineless 46. PARSLEY (100 seeds) Italian 47. ROMA TOMATO (100 SEEDS) 48. MANALUCIE TOMATO (150 seeds) 49. Bantam Yellow sweet corn ( 130 seeds) 50. BUTTERNUT SQUASH (50 Seeds) 51. SWISS CHARD (50 seeds) 52. ENDIVE (50 seeds) 53. PINTO BEANS (30 seeds) 54. TOMATO CHERRY (125 seeds) 55. Mustard greens (100) 56. Asparagus (40) 57. Arugula (100) 58. Turnip purple top (100) 59. Kohlrabi (50) 60. Kale (50) 61. Dill (50) 62. Rutabaga (50)

– CLEAR SHATTER PROOF SEED BANK These are ready for long term storage. Take out some save the rest for laterr
– These seeds produce new seeds every planting year for perpetual food production.
– OVER 92,500 Happy Customers growing daily Made In The USA

Click This Link For More Info About Doomsday Preppers Organic 100% Heirloom Vegetable Fruit, Herbs, Seeds, 62 Varieties

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