Desert Backyard Permaculture Design Part 2: Water Harvesting Earthworks – Presented by OneHeartFire

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The biggest and most labor intensive part of the desert backyard permaculture project was the earthworks portion. There was a lot of dirt that needed to be moved around in order to not only solve the drainage issues present in the backyard, but also create basins to collect and store rainwater to help water the future fruit trees. Thankfully, we were able to rent a mini excavator to do the heavy digging. We still had to move a lot of the dirt using a wheelbarrow, as we made one portion of the yard lower by making another portion higher. Due to a hardpan, we had to do a good amount of extra digging in order to ensure that the basin has well draining soil. There was quite a lot of dirt to move around and the backyard ended up looking quite rough, but it will all be smoothed out and finished, resulting in a permanent water harvesting landscape that will help ensure a resilient system into the future.

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