Cultivating a Movement: Images from the Oral History of Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture

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This slideshow is part of a documentary oral history project conducted by the Regional Oral History Project at the University of California Santa Cruz’s University Library. The project includes fifty-eight interviews with farmers, activists, researchers, and educators. It encompasses the 1960s through the present. It features transcripts of all of the interviews in full text (PDF) format, along with audio clips from the oral histories, photographs, and additional resources. The entire collection of oral histories is also fully searchable (across interviews) through the UCSC Library’s Digital Collections site (ContentDM) at UCSC.
See for the project’s website.
See for a list (in order of appearance) of captions for the slides, which includes titles of the slides and credits to the photographers who took them.

Music: “Pastorale” composed by Jack Gates, performed and arranged by UCSC Music faculty William Coulter from “The Road Home” on Gourd Music, 2004

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