Creating the Right Future:The Permaculture Way (Home Agriculture) | IIT Kanpur | Upendra Sri Nath

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Have you ever thought… what if we run out of coal, petrol,
water and have not got food to eat some day ?? What if all the basic needs
of life and our own existence is threatened some day?? Well, we do know
all major wars were fought for and over control of resources, which form
the bedrock of any civilization from ages. Looking at the current global
and local issues facing the world, such a day is already on its way!! A war
where the world will lose as a whole and not just a few countries and
people, but more important is to know where we stand, rather make a world
of our own. Think of the world in which there an is an abundance of food, fibre
and energy. The world where there is no exploitation either of nature or of
humans. A sustainable and resilient world by Design. A conscious and
ethical design framework that can lead us to a harmonious integration of
humans and landscape through sharing and building resources exponentially.
Welcome to *PERMACULTURE* !!! It finds the way to design productive
ecosystems, that have diversity, stability and resilience of natural
systems, hence providing food energy shelter and other material and
non-material needs in a sustainable way.
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Vivekananda Samiti is organizing a life-giving informative session right
here in the campus and introduce you what Permaculture is and why it is
necessary to CREATE the RIGHT FUTURE for generations to come.

Speaker bio :
Mr. Upendra Sri Sainath is a Hyderabad based Permaculture Consultant,
Designer and Educator. Under his mentor Dwarakanath Jnaneswar, he and his
the team have worked actively on a diverse array of projects ranging from small scale intensive home gardens to broad acre agriculture involving land regeneration, soil fertility management, water conservation and creating the economic benefit to the farmer. The team is currently involved in the establishment of a private eco-village. Apart from Permaculture design and implementation, he regularly conducts seminars, courses and workshops for interested people and trainers, across India, on creating home gardens, urban foodscapes and community building, thereby not only introducing
them to Permaculture but also empowering them to be more responsible for their own needs. In this process, he is also involved in projects dealing with the design and establishment of Ecologically self-sustainable farms and was invited to conduct a lot of such workshops in several Esteemed organisations like the AP Horticulture Department, Kheti Virasat Mission
in Punjab and National Institute of Agriculture Management several times.

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