Communities of Resistance (6/6)

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interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson AKA Hakim Bey in his home in May 2009

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If we give agriculture a specific definition, then agriculture is a major problem. But if we realize that there are gradations in the technae of agriculture, and that we could talk about horticulture, for example, which I think the modern version would be permaculture. Charles Fourier, who is one of my main guys, was one of the first critics of agriculture. And he realized that civilized agriculture was very destructive of community, and of well-bring, for everybody except the rulers. And so he proposed that we revert, in a sense, to horticulture, so that, for example, only small amounts of grain would be grown, and those would be for special treats, like little pastries that he was so fond of. But they would no longer be the staple, because the kind of agriculture needed to produce that staple was just too counter-productive, in terms of a free and delightful communal existence. So that’s why he puts so much emphasis on fruit and on orchard-based horticulture…

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