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If you live an organic lifestyle, you probably drive an environmentally-friendly car, buy organic produce and even recycle, but we can incorporate a greener lifestyle in our daily life in other ways too. What you need are organic products for yourself and your home which are also safe for the environment.
Pottery Barn Kids ensures that all its products are made from organic cotton. You have a range of upholstery, clothes, furniture and even toys that are made from organic cotton. Pottery Barn Kids uses cotton produced at an organic farm where they use no chemical fertilizers, rotate crops, remove weeds by hand and no chemical pesticides are used.
The cotton is then moved to the organic cotton manufacturing plant where the emphasis is on maintaining a clean, non-toxic production line. The plant ensures that there are no heavy metals like lead used. Non-chorine bleaches are used to whiten fibers and use low-impact synthetic or vegetable based dyes for color.
All Pottery Barn organic products are SKAL, OCIA and Oeko-Tex certified. Chemical finishers and softeners are not used in any of the organic products. We are committed to going green and creating products that are safe for the environment and for you.

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