Case Study: Peru – Future Farming Will Be 100% Veganic (Vegan-Organic)

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With the world facing economic hardship and looming job deficits, a green revolution beckons. No, not a green energy revolution… A GREEN FOOD REVOLUTION!

Organic: The Future of Farming
We can sustain the world and our nations’ economies in dynamic health and vigor!

Case Study: Peru
In the South American country of Peru, the farming of organic crops has generated at least 33,000 jobs for farmers nationwide. According to Peru’s Minister of Agriculture Adolfo de Córdiva Vélez, interest in the practice continues to increase as farmers realize that organic growing is more profitable than traditional methods. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture is providing support to 9,800 farmers to help enhance organic productivity.

One motive is to better our environment and through this, we can give a healthy product to our consumers. I would like to say very much to our compatriots that we should consume organic products because they are healthy and do not bring any kind of disease.

Ⓥ Mother Nature is telling us that we are Vegan Beings (Plant-Based Diet) – epidemic levels of disease and environmental destruction! At this point of our evolution, humans are biologically Herbivore/Frugivore:!/VitalVeda

If we want Peace in our World – Hearts-Minds-Bodies-Souls – why would we create and consume violence? Thank you for being and/or becoming Vegan so ALL may LIVE!

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