Backyard Permaculture Chicken Coop Part 1 With Martys Garden

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Backyard Permaculture Chicken Coop Part 1 With Martys Garden

Marty’s Garden is not building a new Chicken coop which will house a Citrus tree and passionfruit vine on the outside fence. This permaculture Coop will benefit in many ways.
1: The tree will have a permanent supply of manure, so it stays fertilized.
2: The chickens will have a source of food because the tree will attract more worms and biodiversity in the soil.
3: The tree will have less pest problems as the chickens will eat them.

Also, the Passionfruit vine will also work in a similar way and have access to plenty of nutrients, as it will send it’s roots deep below the coop.
If you want to follow the creation of this Chicken Coop then please subscribe to Marty’s Garden now before you leave by clicking this link now.

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