Atlanta IL Organic Farm Visit

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Dave Bishop Farm visit!
The “Farmers Gain” company is proud to present the revolutionary breakthrough in Farming business.
Using our unique aerodynamic patent method to separate and calibrate any kind of cereals by their specific weight is the most innovative and effective technology in sorting equipment today. It also the safest technology, unlike screen grain cleaners our sorting machines do not damage the grains.
It also taking puny, crushed, pest-damaged and sick seed away to the waist.
Grain cleaners “Farmers Gain” easily identify the middle part of the ear grains the most viable and productive grains from the general pile. Preparing high class, your own healthy planting seeds. with highest germination energy and picking excellent cash and bread grain.
With “Farmers Gain” grain cleaners you getting ecologically pure
production due to minimization of using plant protectors.
Our machine has the ability to select high protein grain and significantly rises the quality of cash grain.
The grains from “Farmers Gain”coming out nice and clean with fresh polished look ready to sell, all the dust and pest production is blown away.
Using “Farmers Gain” you can effectively clean any initial material regardless of its impurity and humidity in 94% cases.
Despite all this advantages and benefits, our grain cleaners have very reasonable cost easy in operation and require no maintenance.
Depending on your production size you return your investment the first season and some of our high production large clients experience triple investment return the very first season.
Thanks to “Farmers Gain” any kind of cereals: barley, wheat, sunflower, oats as well as beans, soy beans you name it, having ideal, uniform sprouts, equally grow and simultaneously ripe. All this gives you the best harvest result possible with highest yields!
With our grain cleaners, you can produce your own inexpensive, high-quality planting seeds which will guaranty you the best harvest the next season.
Innovative “Farmers Gain” grain cleaners make your harvest cleaning very easy saving you time and money. Our grain cleaners easily replace 3-4 steps of grain cleaning process providing
• Preliminary seed-cleaning;
• Primary seed-cleaning;
• Secondary seed-cleaning;
• Calibrating of seeds by their specific weight.
All in one easy step
“Farmers Gain” replaces 3-4 pieces of heavy,expensive and high maintenance grain cleaning equipment at the same time it has a low cost, very low maintenance, and electricity consumption thanks to unique aerodynamic technology.
Some of our partners -farmers save in logistics as well due to mobility capability of our grain separators and ability to work with any humidity material they often sort their harvest right off the field.
Let’s take a closer detail look at the sorting process:
As we see the general grain mixture going down through grain cleaner it meets a strong air stream and here is the unique technology magic sorting process begins. The desirable quality can be regulated for each fraction.
Grains are sorted by size, specific weight, and biological value, which never done before in one step! Farmers Gain grain cleaners the only sorting machines which can sort grains by size, weight, and biological value in one easy step using one machine.
the 1st section receives all the heavy impurity mixtures and stones.
the 4th and 5th sections receive Dockage.
the 3rd section receives ideal cash grain
and the 2nd sections receive the best possible planting seeds with all healthy, uniform, equal size, weight, biological value and germination energy.
Farmers Gain seeds germinate and ripe simultaneously giving you best harvest results and highest yields by 30-40%
Use Farmers Gain to clean your harvest and get the best planting seeds, cash grain results and increase your production 30-40%.
Make a new technology work for you today! Let’s grow your business together!
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