A Less Manual Way To An Organic Garden

Using Straw Bales For Your Sustainable Garden

When it comes to organic, sustainable ways to garden or work on a small farm that requires the least amount of inputs, it’s hard to beat a grass or straw bale garden.

Typically bales of hay or straw cost less than a single bag of potting soil. Also, other advantages are that you can put it wherever you want (very little soil required), and after the planting season you can store the bales and it’ll turn into compost. Then use this compost to feed your garden next year. How’s that for sustainability?

You may be able to find bales at garden centers, home improvement stores, and feed stores. Or you can locate a farm near you to find fresh bales at the cheapest prices. Once you obtain the bales, follow a few steps to take to get it ready for the planting season.

Learn more about the needed steps in the video below and like on Facebook!

Video courtesy of DigIn Colorado.

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