4 Darren Doherty PDC – Mollison and Holmgren

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Profiles of modern permaculture co-founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren

Bill Mollison http://www.tagari.com
David Holmgren http://www.holmgren.com.au

Darren Doherty gives the very last Tagari PDC delivered to a Permaculture Sydney North organised group in Bega Australia.

The PDC was focussed on Community Supported Agriculture

Filmed by Chris Wallis and Lachlan Storrie of Tree Frog Permaculture http://treefrogpermaculture.com.au/

Filmed for http://Permaculture.TV courtesy of Permaculture Sydney North http://permaculturenorth.org.au/ and Darren Doherty http://RegenAG.com and http://permaculture.biz

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