3 Easy DIY Organic Banana Peel Fertilizers for Organic Gardening Plant Fertilizer and Compost

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Before you throw those banana peels in the garbage, you should take note that they contain a lot of helpful ingredients for your plants Including two of the three major needed fertilizers. Visit www.stewartlandingco.com for more helpful tips and Organic gardening advice.

The N-P-K analysis of banana peels is 0 — 3.25 — 41.76.

Here are some of the Macro Nutrients in Banana Peels and their benefits:

Potassium — helps with the flow of nutrients and water in a plant, causing them to be more drought and pest resistant. This is the main mineral found in banana peels.

Calcium — helps with the breakdown of other necessary nutrients like nitrogen in the soil. Necessary for proper root and stem growth.

Phosphorus — necessary for blooms, fruiting and healthy roots.

Magnesium — helps with the production of chlorophyll, keeping plants green. Chlorophyll is necessary for plants to absorb the necessary energy from the sun to create the necessary chemical reactions needed for a plant to live.Pale green or yellow leaves and/or fruit rotting before maturity may indicate a magnesium deficiency.

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