1/2 Farmers Stop Raising LiveStock and Start Growing REAL Organic Food

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If all tillable land were turned into organic vegetable farmland, not only would ALL people be more than fully fed, but up to 40% of all the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be absorbed. This is in addition to the elimination of over 50% of emissions caused by livestock raising. (Rodale Institute, 2008): http://suprememastertv.com/organic-farming/

For additional information – concerning our highly probable, critical environmental tipping point of no return within the next decade visit: http://suprememastertv.com/scientists-on-climate-change/
For anyone who thinks this short time-line is extreme, please note: At the beginning of our industrial age Rainforests covered 7-8% of our planet’s surface, and in 2004 the estimate was less than 2%, declining at a rate of 30-50+ million acres a year! Since the 1970’s 90+% of Amazon Rainforest deforestation has been, and still is, from meat and dairy (MAD) consumption. At our current rate of MAD consumption the Indonesian Rainforest will be gone within 10-15 years!

Ⓥ Mother Nature is telling us that we will be Vegan (humans’ natural diet) or we will no longer be – epidemic levels of mental and physical disease, and environmental devastation! At this point of our evolution, humans are anatomically and physiologically Herbivore/Frugivore (Plant-Based Diet) – no matter what we have been told/sold to believe: http://vitalveda.wordpress.com/our-beliefs-meat-and-dairy-mad-consumers-the-facts-plant-based-diet


If we want Peace in our World – Hearts-Minds-Bodies-Souls – why would we create and consume violence!? Thank you for being and/or becoming Vegan so ALL may LIVE!

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